Designed for developers, Spice is a Source Component Manager for Xcode enabling easy re-use of code between projects.
Spice has a simple goal - making it easier and quicker to reuse code between your Xcode projects.

Spice makes it a breeze to do the following:

Reuse a view created in one project in a new project
Import a third-party souce code package into your project - all source code and dependent libraries are automatically configured
Use souce code developed for a non-ARC project in a new project which uses ARC
Organise your reusable components, each with optional code snippets to remind you how to use it

Version 1.1 Now available!

Code references are now supported, so it's possible to automatically share code between projects without duplicating source code.
Compatibility with file bundles has been improved, as well as other Xcode project compatibility features.

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Version 1.1 now available!

Designed for OS X Lion and Xcode 4.3.2 or earlier

Watch the Spice For Xcode Introduction Video

Store your bright ideas

Created a custom control worth reusing? Built some time-saving categories?
Spice can been used as your code-scrapbook, letting you easily store your code. It's like storing code snippets but with entire source files. Spice is just as happy storing references to your projects, so no code is duplicated between projects.

Create projects faster

When starting a new iOS or OSX project, you can easily add in required components with a single click. Need to add JSON support? Facebook support? Creating Spices from existing libraries is easy, and once created can be re-used with a single click.

ARC made easy

Spice understands code which uses Automatic Reference Counting and code which does not.
Adding code from non-ARC projects into ARC projects will automatically ask if you wish to add the necessary compiler flags (-f no-objc-arc) to enable the code to be compiled without changing the code.

Code snippets

Spice allows code snippets relating to your component to be stored alongside your source code. So having to remember the exact way to use your component is a thing of the past.

Dependency management

Spice also allows dependent libraries and header paths to be stored. If your component uses Core Data, Quartz Core, libxml or any other system framework or library, these dependencies will be automatically added to your project when adding the code - no need to spend time figuring out which frameworks are needed and adding them manually.

Spice transfer

Spices can be easily exported as single files and transferred between machines or put on a website. If you have created a custom component for others to use, why not let your users integrate it easily by creating a downloadable Spice to go with it?

Quick Look everywhere

Spice for Xcode utilises the latest features of OSX Lion. Spice features a Quick Look area which previews any file in your Xcode project or Spice, allowing you to inspect the code before adding it to your project.

Xcode Project Management

Spice for Xcode can open your projects in Xcode directly, and makes it easy to view your recent projects. It also allows projects to be bookmarked for quick access at a later date. Spice for Xcode also automatically backs up your project files when any changes are made, ensuring you can always return to a previous state of your project.

Static libraries welcome

Although Spice for Xcode is designed for storing the source code of your components, static libraries are welcome too. Any static library can be stored in the same way as source, so Spice makes it convenient to package your static library, header files and any dependencies as a single file.